Keith Linder’s Poltergeist: The Ongoing Saga of the Sadistic Spirits

Follow this link for more information on the Bothell Hell House case: BioKeith Linder is an IT professional – holding over four certifications in Information Technology and Project Management.  Hobbies are fishing, sports, football, basketball, the outdoors, movies, sci/fi, proud geek of just about anything dealing with technology.  In 2012 my girlfriend and IContinue reading “Keith Linder’s Poltergeist: The Ongoing Saga of the Sadistic Spirits”

Membership in the ISPR

Welcome, friends, to the International Society for Paranormal Research. If you are interested in becoming a member, please read below: MEMBER GUIDELINES: Criteria for membership in the ISPR: A body of investigative work in the field of the paranormal or of anomalous experiences and/or phenomena; A willingness to publicize your work for professional review andContinue reading “Membership in the ISPR”