Regarding the Paranormal

Are you a professor of Psychology with a specialty in parapsychology or consciousness research willing to share your work with the readers of the ISPR? Are you a paranormal investigator who wants a more solid grounding in theory and research? Are you a medium, a clairvoyant, a Near Death experiencer, or someone who is struggling to comprehend non-material realities? I intend for the ISPR to be both a source of information and support for all those who are looking for a deeper and wider truth in a strange, strange, world . . .

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January 2021

The issue cannot be avoided. Are paranormal investigators qualified to make statements on the afterlife and all things immaterial? What degrees or experience do we have that allow us to analyze “data” with any measure of professionalism? Are there no experts in the paranormal, as fellow member Keith Linder (MUCH more about him coming) affirms in his books? Why do I think that I have anything to contribute to this field of inquiry?

There are no stand-alone degrees in Paranormal Studies. The University of Virginia offers a degree in the Division of Perceptual Studies ( through the School of Medicine; you can take courses at the University of Arizona through the Department of Psychology, where the preeminent researcher of consciousness, Gary Schwartz, carries out his research into survival of consciousness (; and The University of Edinburgh offers programs and courses through the Koestler Parapsychology Unit…

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