Death, One Year Later

To dust we will return
The Grim Reaper

Last August 20th, (2021) my husband’s father died. As I write this, the one-year anniversary is fast approaching. If you read my previous posts, you know that there was a great deal of energy around that passing–messages received by multiple family members, premonitions, spirit messages and visitations, Another day, I will write about the messages that all the siblings received–three knocks at a door, on top of a car, or from seemingly nowhere. Those incidents are still so overwhelming that the family can’t open up about it yet publicly. When they are ready, I will write about it. The facts surrounding these communications are so evidential as to merit serious study. But all in its time.

After my father-in-law passed, my husband and I left for Spain for three months. While we were there, my husband heard the three knocks at the front door and went flying out of the shower to answer the door. Of course, there was nobody there and nobody on the little street as far as the eye could see. On multiple occasions, I could swear that Ron was walking down a street in Granada; the gait would be the same, the hair, the profile, everything would be identical to him. Then he would turn around, and my father in law faded out–it was not a sudden realization that it wasn’t him, but his features, his frame, his entire physical presence would be gradually replaced by someone else. Of course, this could be considered some form of hallucination, but it happened on several occasions, and I was not compromised by any substance; in fact, this would happen when I wasn’t even thinking about him.

We returned to the States in December. That Christmas was, in a word, emotional. The grief spilled over into family dissent and sadness, The house looked stunning, beautiful; a Christmas dream. But underneath it all, everyone was sick with loss and confusion. Ron still came through in various ways–my sister in law could still hear his voice in their house, mysterious moths appeared in odd places and times, and during my meditations, he would occasionally ‘drop in’.

We returned to Granada in March and stayed another three months. During this time, my husband had a vivid dream about his father that left him violently shaking in our bed. His father had come to him, in his normal, physical form, and told Ty that he was “pure energy” and that everything was energy. He had messages for him that I must keep private. This was no dream, Ty said; his father was present, abundantly alive, and communicating to us that we are all composed of energy that never dies. Ty was different after that; his grief nearly disappeared.

I still felt him around Granada, but the sense of his presence diminished after that dream visitation. He seemed to send “butterfly messages” when we took side trips to the Spanish coast. I have videos of such odd and out-of-character butterfly behavior while we were wandering around a castle in Salobreña (if anyone is interested, I am happy to post it). But mostly, Ron appeared to have moved on, as his contacts were becoming less and less frequent.

We returned home to spend the summer in California and eat iced cream with my nieces and nephew. Ty’s dad remained quiet. I thought that perhaps it was over, and then yesterday, almost a year after his death, something strange happened. This is where I need some guidance and understanding. I don’t know what the following ‘means’; I don’t even know if it has anything to do with Ron’s death. I will write it out as it happened; and I hope someone would be willing to comment.

I was sitting in my overly-hot house yesterday, doing pretty much nothing but scrolling through emails, when I heard the odd sound of bells ringing. The ringing was quick and constant, like an old-fashioned, muted, continuous phone bell. I wandered around looking for the source, and I found it: it was indeed a phone, a very old phone from my grandmother’s house, that hasn’t been connected to anything for multiple decades. There is a hand crank that can make the phone bells ring, but that crank is broken, and the ringing was too fast and continuous for that, anyway. Here is the audio (please wear headphones and turn up the volume):

Several people I sent that clip to hear EVP as well, but I hesitate to “go there”, due to the fact that they are whispered and fast, and most people will not hear anything. If you do after reviewing this clip with headphones, please let me know in the comments. I really would like to know.

At the same time the phone was ringing, a facial device started beeping from the bathroom. It had turned itself on. That, once again, should be impossible, as you must press and hold down a button for a couple of seconds in order for it to work. It has never done that before, and it works fine now. I turned it off, thoroughly spooked, and listened to a second clip that I recorded to see if anything showed up. There is a whispered sentence after I say “I love you”. Skip ahead to 10 seconds from the end. I don’t expect anyone without great headphones and some patience to hear what I did–but I invite you to try:

I haven’t felt quite comfortable in my house since yesterday. Something is clearly going on. You could call it some kind of bizarre electrical interference, or you could ascribe some meaning to it. I always hear the skeptic voice in my head, telling me that there is an explanation for all of this, even if I can’t find it right now. But intuitively, I know that something of a spiritual nature is happening. The day before yesterday, I awoke after dreaming of all my dead (male) relatives to a phone message from my sister-in-law, informing me of the following: “Yesterday, today and tomorrow are the Japanese “Obon”, when the veil is thinnest, and in the Buddhist tradition we welcome our deceased loved ones to come visit before we send them, once again, on their way”.

I don’t tell anyone what to believe. I don’t demand that you hear the EVP that I did, or that you believe that a broken telephone that hasn’t rung for many decades was ringing for spiritual reasons. I don’t ask that you believe in “Obon” or in the significance of devices turning themselves on when a lot of other bizarre things are happening at the same time. I don’t ask that you believe that my dead father in law would send butterflies to far-away places to signal his presence. All I ask is that you think about what happened to me, and perhaps be willing to tell me if anything like this has happened to you.

If we shut out everything but the material world, we are missing something that connects us to our soul.

Monarch butterfly in Spanish Castle

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I received my Ph.D. from Yale University in Spanish Literature and Language. I am currently a professor a Southern California college. My current area of research and interest is survival of consciousness research. I live with an eccentric husband and an emotionally deranged green-cheeked conure. I am the founder of the International Society for Paranormal Research (2021), which for now is housed under until we get our own site. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in membership!

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  1. I believe I heard an “I love you” at the end of the recording of the device in your bathroom. Also, while Gracie was chirping, a dog was barking in the distance…


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